What is scaffolding funding?

Your scaffolding company is growing and you need business funding to help facilitate your growth.

Here at Smart Funding Solutions, we have specialised business finance products and a range of finance solutions to suit your area of growth.

Funding can be achieved in a variety of different ways depending on the needs of your business. You could be employing more staff, committing to new contracts or looking to purchase additional equipment. With a panel of 250 lenders, we’re confident we have a solution for every business funding need.

What types of scaffolding finance are available?

Having a variety of funding options available to our clients provides scaffolding businesses with the flexibility to choose which finance solutions are best along with choosing your ideal finance provider. Our construction finance products create value for customers thanks to special features that give borrowers better terms, competitive rates, simpler lending requirements and payback plans that fit your cash flow which spreads the cost over an affordable term. We have a finance option to suit every business need, covering multiple types of business.

They are specifically created and designed for the scaffolding and construction industries, bearing in mind the needs of the business owner for prompt, dependable, and trustworthy service. Due to the flexibility of lenders nowadays, funding is also effective in situations where there may be some credit history issues or when there is a more compelling justification for funding.

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Information on scaffolding funding

Startup businesses will need to go down the route of a new start loan via the government, alternatively, we could look at a secured business loan if you’re a UK homeowner. As a new start business, you could also look at local business grants, government-backed grants and investment opportunities.
An unsecured business loan is a common way of achieving a cash injection, with a fixed advance over a fixed period. VAT loans can provide a flexible facility in line with your quarterly returns owed to HMRC, spreading the cost of any VAT owed, over an affordable 3 monthly term. Tax loans can be VAT, self-assessment tax or any corporation tax owed.

When you’re looking to raise funds for your scaffolding business, you’re in good hands here at Smart Funding Solutions. From asset finance , invoice finance , a merchant cash advance , to a revolving credit facility . Our fast, flexible and fair approach allows us to secure funding on your behalf as quickly as possible, leaving you to concentrate on running your business. Vehicle finance is used within asset finance to spread the cost of any new vehicle needed within the business. The scaffolding industry relies on its business equipment to carry out its daily tasks, scaffolding equipment finance might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Finance and leasing your manufacturing equipment is a popular way of keeping your cash flow at an optimal level, helping to spread the cost of any new business asset equipment. You could also look at asset refinance, whereby you use your business equipment to lend money against. The funder will essentially buy your equipment from you, lending the money over an agreed term, with you owning the equipment at the end of the agreement. This can be done via hire purchase or a finance lease agreement. Scaffolding leasing and asset finance solutions can free up working capital to allow you to take on more scaffold contractors, allowing you to expand and generate more revenue.

If you’re contemplating purchasing your current office or new working space, we have access to numerous lenders that can offer a commercial mortgage. Acquiring commercial property could work out cheaper for your business in the long run, with rental pricing often increasing at the end of your term.

Do I qualify for scaffolding funding?

To be eligible for a scaffolding business loan, you would need the following:

How does it work?

The amount of funding you are entitled to will be decided by several factors:


How quickly can I get a loan?

This will depend on the time finance required and the time it takes you to send over the information needed to apply. Once the lender has all the information to underwrite the proposal, we typically receive a decision within 24-48 hours. If you are happy to proceed with the terms of the agreement, funds can be deposited into your chosen bank account in as little as 24 hours after signing the necessary finance documents.

credit score

Can I get a business loan with bad credit?

Although bad credit isn’t a great start when it comes to trying to lend additional funds, not all lenders are put off by this. There are several lenders on our panel that will consider applications for businesses with poor credit along with directors of businesses with adverse personal credit but you may find finance limited. Typically you will pay a higher rate due to the risk and it’s usually paid over a shorter term. Late payments from your clients, can lead to construction companies having cash flow issues and defaulting on your financial obligations.


What interest rate will I get?

The rate of interest you will be offered is very individual as every business works in a completely different way with varying sets of circumstances. The better your business and personal credit score, the more chance you have of beneficial terms and rates. Affordability, time trading, profitability and financial account can also have an impact on what interest rate you are offered.

Is franchising a good fit for my business?

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Scaffolding Loans are niche financing products specifically designed to assist scaffolding companies. They can be used to invest in new equipment, manage cash flow, expand business operations, pay for necessary certification or training, and more.

Any business engaged in providing scaffolding services, including contractors, independent scaffolding firms, and corporations dealing with scaffolding equipment and services in the UK, can apply for these loans.

Funds from a Scaffolding Loan can be used to purchase or lease scaffolding equipment, maintain or repair existing equipment, recruit skilled workers, support business operations, or expand the business reach.

A variety of Scaffolding Loans exist, including equipment financing, business term loans, invoice financing, lines of credit, and asset-based financing. The ideal loan type depends on your specific business needs.

Start by identifying your financial needs, compiling your financial statements, creating a business plan outlining how you’ll use the loan, and ensuring you have a credible repayment strategy in place.

First, identify a suitable lender. Next, gather necessary documentation such as proof of business registration, business plan, and financial statements. Submit your application and the lender, after reviewing your application, will advise on the next steps.

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Interest rates depend on several factors, including the loan amount, the term of the loan, the health and profitability of your business, the prevailing market conditions, and your credit history.

Depending on the type of loan and the lender, you may be asked for collateral. Equipment loans, for instance, are typically secured by the equipment itself, while other types of loans may be unsecured.

While a good credit score increases your chances of loan approval, some lenders may still accommodate you if your business shows substantial potential, you offer collateral or a guarantee, or you have a solid repayment plan.

Various government-backed loan schemes could be appropriate for scaffolding businesses. Check official government websites or liaise with a finance specialist to explore these opportunities.

The timeline to receive loan funds can vary significantly from lender to lender. While traditional banks may take some weeks, fintech lenders or online platforms can often organise loans more expeditiously.

Whether you can repay a loan early—and if doing so carries a penalty—depends on your specific loan agreement. Early repayment conditions should be clarified before entering into any loan commitment.

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