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At Smart Funding Solutions, we provide financing for professions in the UK. Our specialised professions funding products are created to support the expansion and improvement of your company and our lender’s professions finance credit products are created to make any funding requirements as simple as possible to achieve.

At Smart Funding Solutions, we assist professional firms and individuals in locating the correct financial product for your business. We undertake all the legwork for you since we know how time-consuming and frustrating it can be to find the best financial solution for your practice. Because business funding is so popular today, there are plenty of funding choices available, allowing you the freedom to select the one that best matches your company.

Whatever path you decide to take, it’s crucial to examine all loan possibilities, benefits, and drawbacks available to the professions market. Let us help you decide. Business loans are available for a limited company, partnership and sole trader.

Unsecured professions loans have many advantages. Since they can be paid straight into your business, they are private and have no bearing on your other credit lines. Our professions loans are extremely versatile and can be used for almost any purpose, from renovations to full practice acquisitions. Businesses finances are the lifeblood of expanding, growing and keeping ahead of the competition.
We can provide specialised financing for your practice with up to 60-month repayment terms, fixed rates, and flexible finance products.

Unsecured practice financing can be utilised for working capital, expansion, and a variety of revolving credit facilities.
Secured practice financing can be used to purchase a building through a commercial mortgage, for bridging loans to expand an existing office, or for another type of construction financing to start from scratch.
With the best company funding package, Smart Funding Solutions will pair you with your perfect loan source.

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What is a professions loan?

A professions loan is an unsecured business loan that is provided to businesses that offer practice-based services, such as medical practices, physiotherapy centres, veterinary clinics, and firms of attorneys and accountants.

They can offer your clinic a low-cost source of capital, giving you a useful and remarkably adaptable extra source of credit.

Loans can be used for a variety of business needs, from hiring more personnel to paying taxes, including the acquisition of new enterprises, the purchase of equipment, the renovation of existing facilities, or other necessities. Practice loans provide comparably low rates with repayment terms that can last from a few months to five years.

What can the funds be used for?

The cost of starting an independent business is astronomically costly for many professionals, including dentists, lawyers, and architects, since they need to take into account locations, equipment, and insurance.

Practices and professions can use a professions loan for a variety of operational requirements or any business rationale. After years of education and employment in their field, access to the appropriate financing to launch their business is just as important as it is for any other business.

Loans for professions can be used to pay for assets, unanticipated expenses, professional growth, equipment, real estate, insurance, VAT, and tax.



The costs associated with purchasing new equipment may be substantial if your practice requires it. The expenditures of everything from basic office supplies and IT to specialised medical systems can be covered with a practice loan, sometimes in conjunction with asset financing.


Working Capital

When your business needs assistance to pay expenses and maintain operations, either during a season of expansion or a quiet period. Working capital loans may be set up with a brief repayment period to help you as you prepare for a sizable payment or with a longer repayment period, ranging from 12 to 60 months, to assist sustainable growth.

Practice Expansion

You can use a professions loan to finance your development and expansion goals. These can involve hiring more employees, providing training, marketing, and advertising.


Financing for ageing debt and disbursements

Professions loans can help with funding for third-party experts and similar incidentals, as well as supporting cash flow that is impacted by outstanding bills for work completed.

How much can you borrow?

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Insurance can be expensive, yet you need it to operate your business. The premium may be so big in some industries that it represents a sizable drain on available capital. You can spread out payments with a professions loan to coincide with your renewal term. Finance for practising certificates can be arranged similarly.

paint brush


Your practice needs to project a polished, professional or clinical image. Although asset finance may offer some answers for hard assets, it may be challenging to acquire asset funding for soft assets (things like carpets and fixtures with no resale value). The costs may initially seem overwhelming, but this is where we can help with the expenditure of expert fitting and renovation via a professions loans.

VAT Loans


With a short-term professions loan, you can pay your VAT or tax liabilities. They are also frequently used by practices and professions to finance any VAT incurred each quarter, allowing smoother cash flow through monthly instalments. Spreading tax payments throughout the year is possible using a similar strategy.
This can be used to pay for corporation tax, partnership obligations, and personal self-assessment debts.
You may also be able to use a lending facility to instantly invest in the expansion of your practice with the money put aside for tax obligations.


Practice acquisitions, buy-ins, and buyouts involving partners

An unsecured professions loan might not be able to give the volume of money required because buying a practice or joining as a partner can be expensive. However, it might be able to lower the repayments with a facility that is partially unsecured and partially secured if a repayment term longer than the standard five years is required.
For businesses that want to buy out retiring partners or directors or enhance the shareholding of present partners, solutions can be made available.


Premises costs

A practice loan can be used to fund the purchase of real estate or to make the down payment on a lease when paired with other loan products, such as commercial mortgages or asset finance.

What are the advantages of a professions loan?

Using a loan that represents your professional standing may result in a loan with a significantly lower interest rate and smaller monthly payments.
Even if you currently have other financial obligations, a professions loan can frequently be issued as an additional line of credit.
Cashflow: Preserve your operating capital by requesting accessible outside financing.
Flexibility: You can customise your professions loan to meet your needs.
Fixed repayments: taking out a professions loan with fixed repayments over a fixed term.
Save time by using our knowledge to find your ideal capital solution you require more quickly.

How can we help?

We operate throughout the whole loan sector. Our staff of finance specialists and professionals has first-hand knowledge of all categories of company solutions. Our team is familiar with the lenders who focus on each sort of financing.

We use this knowledge to your advantage by locating the best offers for each of your corporate requirements. It enables us to make certain that we locate for you the most suitable financial options you require to capitalise on your organisation.

We can assist you in locating alternative funding solutions, utilising fresh loan sources and funding models, in addition to standard financial options.

To learn more about a professions loan or another funding option, make an enquiry below.

We provide financing for professions in the UK and Ireland. Our specialised financial solutions are created to support the expansion and improvement of your business.

We are aware of the high standards your clients have grown to expect from your firm, and we also recognise that it can seem difficult and time-consuming to find a straightforward way to finance your investment.

We have a thorough understanding of the professions sector. We have specialised funders because we understand the financial challenges you experience running your firm.

Would a loan help your firm expand?

Practices and professions of all sizes can use our professions financing options, with unsecured loans available to support business expansion. We can provide financial support to both small and large practices because our unsecured professional loans have a range of £5,000 to £500,000+.

We can provide a prompt decision on funding applications thanks to our adaptable, impartial approach, typically within 24 hours.

What kinds of financing are available?

There are numerous choices for funding; we’ve compiled a list of the most well-liked ones below.

Unsecured/secured business loan – You can apply for a business loan for a variety of reasons, and they’re one of the best methods to get the operating cash you might need to keep your practice’s daily operations running smoothly. A business loan can be either secured—longer-term financing based on the security of your company’s assets—or unsecured—a flexible, alternative kind of financing.

Asset funding – As we’ve already mentioned, equipment can be pricey. From chairs to x-ray machines, everything costs a pretty penny. You can avoid having to acquire the equipment you so sorely need outright by spreading the expense of repayment over time through asset financing. With asset financing, your business can maintain the best level of patient and client care while maintaining competitive pricing.

Invoice Finance – Regardless of industry, cash flow is a problem for many UK firms. What if you could free up to 95% of the cash held in outstanding B2B invoices? You can, nevertheless, thanks to invoice financing. The easiest approach to manage cash flow and be paid promptly can be invoice financing. No more waiting weeks for the payment to arrive in your business account. Invoice factoring, invoice discounting, and selective invoice financing are the three different methods of invoice finance.

Merchant Cash Advance – A Merchant Cash Advance is available to any business that accepts credit and debit cards. A Merchant Cash Advance requires only a percentage of transactional sales to be taken as reimbursement for the unsecured cash infusion rather than regular monthly instalments. With this financing choice, your repayments will follow the course of your company dealings.

What if my business has a poor credit history?

Even if your business has poor credit, there is still good news. Even though you will have fewer financing alternatives, at Smart Funding Solutions, we will work with you to identify the one that is most suited to your needs.



We provide specialised dental finance solutions. Our team of experts in dentistry finance are aware of the industry’s financial difficulties and prospects.
Our dental financing options are designed to help with a range of business needs. Do you wish to improve your equipment for an existing business or are you an associate looking to launch a new venture? Are you going to require a loan to pay your taxes?
We are capable of dealing directly with several lenders on your behalf, so you can focus on running your day-to-day business. You can always count on us to respond quickly.
The dental industry cannot function without specialised equipment. We provide funds for a variety of equipment, such as X-ray machines, scanners, imaging units, IT and office systems, as well as funding for a complete renovation – What else can we raise cash for?

What's a legal charge?


We offer specially designed loans for lawyers, barristers, and solicitors. Whether you’re trying to expand your practice or are just looking to infuse capital into your business, our legal finance solutions are created for all facets of the field, from solo practitioners to huge multi-partner companies.
We are aware of the possible financial pressures you may face in your line of work. We understand the necessity to secure your existing credit lines while also planning for the future and protecting your assets.



For optometrists, opticians, and other optical specialists, we provide optical finance solutions that are intended to help with the expansion and improvement of your business. We have a solution to assist with anything from the purchase or relocation of practice, a shop fitting renovation, new technological equipment, or even just a loan to satisfy your tax requirement.
With the fixed monthly payments offered by our selection of leasing, hire purchase, and loan packages, you can plan your finances with confidence and improve your cash flow.



Our medical financing options are made to make it easier for general practitioners and medical specialists to get the resources they require to expand and advance their practice. Finance may be required for many things, such as a renovation project, new equipment, IT and office solutions, or to pay a VAT bill.
Our selection of leasing, hire-purchase, and loan packages offer fixed monthly repayments so you can plan your finances with certainty and improve cash flow.

care home resident

Care home

We offer specialised financing for residential homes, nursing homes, and care facilities.
We can customise a finance plan to meet your specific needs if you’re wanting to finance new equipment, renovate your space, or make financial investments in your firm.
We offer equipment financing and unsecured loans through our selection of Leasing, Hire Purchase, and Loan options as specialised finance brokers for care homes, nursing homes, and residential homes.
We are aware of the difficulties you confront. We will collaborate with you to provide specialised and tax-efficient financing options to assist the expansion and growth of your company thanks to our extensive market and product knowledge.



Pharmacy Loans, Leasing, and Hire Purchase Products are available from our specialist panel of lenders. Our team of experts is aware of the prospects and financial challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry.
We offer pharmacy loans that are intended to help your business expand and flourish. You might require help with the purchase or transfer of a practice, a redesign of the shop’s interior, or more dispensing units. Maybe you need money for a waiting room or just a loan to help with your tax obligation.
With the fixed monthly payments offered by our selection of leasing, hire purchase, and loan packages, you can plan your finances with confidence and improve your cash flow.



With our variety of leasing, hire buy, and loan packages, you can confidently organise your budget and enhance your cash flow thanks to the fixed monthly payments they provide.
We provide financing for both corporate businesses and small funeral homes. As a funeral director, you could require assistance to launch or invest in a business, for renovations, or to buy new funeral/mortuary equipment. You can require financing to pay for your tax payment, buy limousines and hearses, or both.

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We offer specially crafted financing for your line of work. No matter how big or small your business is, we can support you while preserving your operating capital.
For the accounting industry, we provide a variety of custom financing alternatives, such as professional practice loans, hire purchase agreements, and lease agreements.
As an accountant, you are aware of the importance of safeguarding your assets and making long-term plans. You also make sure that your cash flow is strong and doesn’t jeopardise any existing credit lines. Whether you are a start-up or an established form, we provide a variety of financial alternatives that can be personalised to match the specific needs of your practice.
A professional practice loan can be the answer if you need a financial boost to support business investments like partner buy-ins or buy-outs, acquisitions, or renovations.



We offer solutions for veterinary Loans by way of leasing, and hire purchase. Our team of experts are aware of the potential and problems facing the veterinary industry financially.
Our financing options are made to assist you in expanding and developing your veterinary practice. Regardless of the location or size of your practice, we offer financing alternatives to meet your needs. We have expertise in funding huge CT scanners, portable X-ray units, practice renovations, IT systems, and cars.

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