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The Importance of a Strong Business Plan for Sole Trader Loans

When it comes to securing a sole trader loan, it is a complex process.

It isn’t as easy as asking for money and simply receiving it.

For lenders to supply you with the funds you need, they have to be pretty sure that you can pay it back in the allotted time.

There are many ways you can show this, through a good credit score, taking out a loan that favours your situation (such as a merchant cash advance), or showing the potential for a strong financial future.

In this blog, we’re going to look into the latter, and how a strong business plan can be the making or breaking of your loan application.

Let’s take a look.

The Role of a Business Plan in Securing a Sole Trader Loan

A well-prepared and comprehensive business plan serves as a powerful tool to communicate the viability, potential, and responsible management of your business to potential lenders.

This is a way you can show you mean business and convey the methods you will use to ensure you pay the money back in the instalments you agree upon.

While no-one can see into the future, a business plan that is realistic, well thought through, and very thorough can go a long way to giving an idea of how the funds will be used, and how this will benefit the business.

A key word in business loans is risk.

Lenders don’t want to lend big sums to businesses they think may struggle to pay it back. If you’re in a position in which you need a loan, you may be going through financial hardship, and this can make it tricky to prove that you can pay it all back.

A strong business plan is your way to do this, and if you can take the lender on a journey into a prosperous future for your business, there’s no reason for them to doubt your ability to pay it back.

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5 Reasons a Strong Business Plan is Important

A strong business plan is vital for many reasons, including these:

It Shows Where Financial Success is Coming From

We’ve touched on this in the previous section, but it is a major point.

Most loans are used to invest in growing the business, and all loans should be taken with a belief that the amount can be paid back in full.

A strong business plan is a document in which you can showcase how the money will be used, how this will improve your business, and how your finances will improve.

This is your roadmap to success and is your key to obtaining a loan. You should be ready to show your business model, growth strategies, and how this will affect your cash flow and boost your business.

If you can provide a clear, detailed plan into how your loan will be repaid, this will provide a great deal of trust with your lender.

Your Visions and Goals Can be Shared

If someone is investing in you and your business, they may be interested in your brand and your business goals.

If a lender knows more about your business and the ethos that drives it, they may be persuaded to lend you the money you are looking for.

Lenders are looking for a business they can support and that they are happy to provide money to, and showcasing a strong philosophy and clear vision is a good way of aligning yourself with the lender.

A business plan is more than just figures, as a sole trader is a chance to communicate what you love about your business, and a way of getting across your passion for what you do.

The True Potential of Your Business Can be Seen

Every sole trader believes in their business.

What can be harder is to get other people to believe in it as well. If you are trying to secure a sole trader loan, you need to make sure this feeling is mutual between you and the lenders so that they feel comfortable supplying you with the funds you need.

If you can give a glimpse into the future, and clearly define where you think your business will be, and how you see it getting there, you are on the right track to persuading someone to also believe.

Every business has potential, but a business plan is a way of you showing how you are going to fulfil it, so don’t leave anything out, and show why there is a place in the market for your business if you get the funds.

If Gives a Lone Trader Something to Bargain With

While some sole traders are in desperate need of a loan, you should still try and negotiate terms so they work well for you.

The last thing you should do is accept terms on a loan in which you are uncomfortable with the repayment terms, as this could lead to trouble further down the line.

If you come into a sole trader loan application empty-handed, the lender has no reason to work on your terms.

Alternatively, if you enter with a strong plan, they may be much more willing to provide you with a loan, and a lot happier to work with you to get on terms favourable to both.

This could give you longer to pay it back, smaller monthly repayments, and other benefits.

It is a Sign of Someone Who Knows What They’re Doing

Something else that will be assessed by lenders is the competency of the sole trader.

Basically, they want to lend their money to someone who knows what they’re doing and who they know will spend it wisely.

Being able to prepare and present a strong business plan is a clear indication that you are the right choice and goes a long way to instilling trust not just in your business, but also in you.

If you have taken the time to really delve into the figures and the market and present a thorough plan of how you see your business progressing, this is a clear sign of dedication and professionalism and one that will mean a lot to lenders.

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Sole Trader Loans from Smart Funding Solutions

If you are a sole trader who believes your business has a huge potential, then a sole trader loan could be the burst in finances that helps get you there.

Why not apply for one today with the team at Smart Funding Solutions.

We can find you a great loan and have the money in your account within 48 hours.

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