Asset refinancing

What is refinancing of assets?

You have will have plenty of funding options with asset refinance to quickly access funds held in current company assets. You could receive a cash advance to help your business in a matter of days and have access to hard assets such as a range of vehicles, equipment and machinery, technological equipment, real estate, or land. This form of business finance is one of many popular funding solutions to help businesses with cash flow and expansion plans.

You can put money aside for future investments in your company’s expansion by raising capital and releasing cash from existing assets. Depending on the asset’s worth, alternative funding companies provide refinancing options ranging from £5,000 to £5 million. Asset refinancing offers a quick, flexible approach to getting the working capital you need to grow, whether you’re trying to increase your cash flow, buy new inventory, or renovate your company’s facilities.

Car finance and finance lease agreements are popular finance solutions when it comes to releasing a lump sum of money to keep running your business sustainably. Hire purchase, contract hire and lease agreements can be agreed upon with a commercial vehicle of any sort within vehicle finance. These types of loans are different to an unsecured business loan, as they typically only require a personal guarantee and no asset based security.

Depending on the route you chose to go down, once the agreement is complete, you then own the assets outright again. Asset refinance repaid in full means you have the opportunity to look at releasing capital from that asset, if you choose to do so again.

If you own firm assets and require working capital financing for any business purpose, we can help you locate the best asset refinancing option. To receive a free, no-obligation quote from one of our reputable alternative finance providers, kindly complete our short online enquiry form.

How does refinancing of assets work?

Asset refinancing is a type of secured lending in which the loan is backed by an existing piece of firm property. The asset’s worth must be determined before the money can be released. Depending on the type of asset, your alternative funding provider will evaluate the asset using a variety of parameters. For instance, the age and mileage of the vehicle would be taken into account if you were refinancing it.

Once the asset’s value has been determined, you could get up to 100% of that amount in cash in a matter of days, and frequently in just a matter of hours. The refinancing agreement is then paid back in regular, set instalments at the agreed-upon rate and period. Partially owned assets can also be used with asset refinancing, the lender will look to settle of the current agreement, with a new one whilst also releasing some capital for you to inject back into your business.

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What are the advantages of asset refinancing?

Asset refinancing provides a quick, easy, and affordable alternative to obtain additional funding for ongoing business operations. You can keep utilising the asset pledged as security for the loan while investing the money freed up in new assets, such as a larger fleet of vehicles or additional office space. The majority of asset refinancing agreements include organised payment plans to aid business owners in making wise financial decisions.

You won’t experience any shocks over the life of the loan because interest rates, monthly repayments and fees are agreed upon upfront. You will be obliged to make predetermined instalments on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis once the loan amount and related rates and fees have been agreed upon.

Is my company eligible for asset refinancing?

You will also be asked to provide specific details about the asset being refinanced because this is a secured loan against the value of assets. Most lenders need evidence of ownership, ongoing use, and any pertinent information, such as the make, model, and year of production for equipment and vehicles. Even if you are ineligible for asset refinancing, we can still locate the appropriate funding solutions to assist in the expansion and improvement of your company.

How much you can borrow will depend on the value of the asset(s), ownership of the asset can be passed over to the lender if you decide you like to lease the asset as opposed to owning the asset again at the end of the financing agreements to lower the repayments. A secured business loan against any business asset means you’re more likely to be accepted as the lender has a form of collateral.

Your business credit rating will always be checked along with affordability by way of your business bank accounts and company financials to see if you are eligible for business funding, if asset refinancing isn’t an option, we will try to achieve a suitable financing option for you via another product. We have access to capital loans, invoice factoring, invoice discounting, merchant cash advance, property finance, development loans and revolving credit facilities to name a few.

It’s important to assess which funding solutions are available to your business and to use loan calculators where possible to fully understand your monthly repayments, interest rate and fees.

You must have a business with a registered office in the UK to be eligible for asset financing and asset refinancing, either as a sole trader , partnership or limited company.
Smart Funding Solutions are authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority, FRN: 972740. We’re a credit broker, not a lender and borrowing decisions should be made responsibly.

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